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According to Bloomberg Ratings, the seven research analysts that follow ZTO Express (Cayman) Inc. (NYSE: ZTO) have given the company an average rating of “Moderate Buy.” This rating was given based on the research that they had conducted on the company. In addition, only two of the seven financial experts surveyed believed that investors should continue to hold on to the stock in their portfolios. In contrast, the remaining five believed that investors should buy the stock. At this time, the consensus estimate for the price of the share of stock among market analysts who have followed it over the previous year is $37.70.

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JPMorgan Chase & Co. raised their price target for ZTO Express (Cayman), moving it from $27.00 to $35.00 in a research report published on Friday, August 19. This was a separate development. In the past, the company has been given the rating of “overweight” by the analyst community.
On Friday, shares of NYSE: ZTO started trading for $24.11 each. Moving averages for the company for the past 50 days are $25.83, and moving averages for the past 200 days are $25.79. The company is estimated to have a market capitalization of $14.55 billion, and its price-to-earnings ratio is currently at 22.53. ZTO Express has seen a low of $19.72 over the past year, while the company has a high of $34.82 over the past year. 

The most recent quarterly earnings report was made public by ZTO Express (Cayman), traded on the NYSE under the ZTO. This report was made public on Wednesday, August 17, 2018. The transportation company was successful, as their earnings per share for the quarter came in at $0.33, which was $0.06 higher than the average prediction of $0.27 and was a win for the company. In addition, the return on equity and the net margin came in at 11.88% for ZTO Express (Cayman), which was 16.95%. The amount in question was $1.29 billion in total revenue from the company during the relevant period. According to industry analysts, earnings are forecast for ZTO Express for the current fiscal year at 1.13 cents per share. Again, this is according to industry analysts. 

Several hedge funds and other types of institutional investors have recently completed transactions involving buying and selling ZTO shares. ZTO Express received a new holding investment from Cubist Systematic Strategies LLC for $4,681,000 during the fourth quarter of 2018. (Cayman). The value of Millennium Management LLC’s holdings in ZTO Express increased by 341.6% throughout the fourth quarter’s duration (Cayman). After purchasing an additional 786,554 shares of the transportation company’s stock during the most recent period, Millennium Management LLC now owns 1,016,783 shares of the transportation company’s stock with a value of $28,694,000. These shares were purchased during the most recent period. In the final quarter of 2018, Legal & General Group Plc increased 15.3% in its ownership stake in ZTO Express (Cayman). After purchasing an additional 303,550 shares of the transportation company’s stock, Legal & General Group Plc now holds 2,283,443 shares. The stock is currently valued at $64,438,000, and the company has a market capitalization of $64,438,000. During the period spanning the third to the fourth quarter, SPRINGS CAPITAL HONG KONG Ltd. made a financial contribution to ZTO Express for $1,129,000. (Cayman). Finally, during the first three months of the year, DNB Asset Management AS increased its holdings of ZTO Express by 27.8 percentage points (Cayman). Following the purchase of 3,994 additional shares during the preceding quarter, DNB Asset Management AS now has 18,381 shares of the common stock of the transportation company. The stock has a value of $460,000, and DNB Asset Management AS now holds 18,381 shares. Institutional investors and investors from hedge funds hold a combined total of 39.22% of the company’s shares as ownership in their portfolios.

ZTO Express (Cayman) Inc., specializing in express delivery and other value-added logistics services, provides its customers in the People’s Republic of China with these products and services. The company’s delivery services are available to customers of a wide variety of express providers and customers of traditional and online retail stores, who can take advantage of the company’s offerings. On December 31, 2021, the fleet consisted of approximately 10,900 trucks.

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